Challenging difficult ground on a day-to-day basis is a tough job, but Wilco’s family of soft terrain vehicles can give you an advantage over the territory.

Each model is built from a basic amphibious undercarriage design, giving the craft the ability to float in and propel itself through water. From this design, Wilco manufactures several different models and sizes of Amphibious Vehicles to meet the needs of many different applications.

Wilco has the largest inventory of amphibious excavators in the world.

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We will custom design equipment to fit your specific needs.

We have helped develop rice fields in Indonesia, helped produce oil in Africa, reclaimed land in Abu Dhabi, and built roads in Peru.

No job is too large, too small or too far away.

Wilco serves the people of the world and provides them with the equipment they need.

Our Services Include any work requiring amphibious equipment.

Pipeline Clearing & Excavation, Land Reclamation, Hazardous Waste Clean Up, Levee Work, High-line Construction, Disaster Rescue & Oilfield Work


Wilco’s specialty equipment is hand built by dedicated craftsmen

in manufacturing and fabrication facilities in Harvey and Lafayette, Louisiana.