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About Wilco Marsh buggies

For over forty-six years, Wilco has been perfecting the craft of soft terrain-amphibious vehicles. Wilco builds soft terrain vehicles from the ground up, with a keen eye for design and with a high standard of craftsmanship that is unparalleled in the industry. Wilco has the largest inventory of amphibious excavators in the world from marsh buggies and cargo carriers to long-arm amphibious excavators. We will custom design equipment to fit your specific needs.

Built to last…

Wilco’s specialty equipment is hand built by dedicated craftsmen in manufacturing and fabrication facilities in Harvey and Lafayette, Louisiana.

Each element of the Wilco soft terrain vehicle is crafted according to strict engineering specifications, making every model a trusted piece of equipment. Continually improving our designs and process, our team looks upon every project as a chance to enhance the Wilco amphibious excavators reputation as the finest soft terrain vehicle manufacturers in the world.


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