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Specialty Amphibious Equipment Designed Especially for your Project


Wilco has the largest inventory of amphibious excavators in the world.

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Coastal Erosion After a Major Storm

With all of the devastation caused by the 2017 Hurricane Season, coastal erosion is among the most [...]

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How Can Marsh Buggies Help After A Storm?

HOW CAN MARSH BUGGIES BE SERVICEABLE AFTER A MAJOR STORM? Marsh buggies can be most useful in both rescue [...]


What is the difference between an Excavator and an Amphibious Excavator?

Excavators are heavyweight construction equipment whose house is outfitted with a cab, a boom, a dipper, and [...]

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What is a Sinkhole?

  WHAT IS A SINKHOLE? WHAT CAUSES A SINKHOLE? Montezuma Well Sinkhole Sinkholes are a common phenomenon [...]

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Amphibious Equipment Applications

What are some applications for Amphibious Equipment? Amphibious equipment includes all vehicles manufactured for use in marshes, swamps, soft terrains, [...]

We Are a Global Company Serving Clients Worldwide.

Our Equipment has been used in:
Brazil, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, United States, and New Zealand.

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