coastal erosion

With all of the devastation caused by the 2017 Hurricane Season, coastal erosion is among the most detrimental effects of major storms.

Coastal erosion results from the storm surge that occurs when a major storm makes landfall. Excessively high winds stir up huge waves. It is the culmination of the high winds and huge waves that reshape the coastline, dramatically changing how the coast looks, after a major storm event.

In Southeast Louisiana, coastal erosion occurs due to numerous variables.

The vast levee system that contains the Mississippi River impacts the coast. Prior to the construction of the levees, the river would overflow its banks providing restorative silt and fresh water replenishing the alluvial plains. The coastal plains are dependent upon the spring floods bringing with them abundantly rich deposits that maintained the ecosystem of the coastal region. The levee system was developed to maintain the course of the shipping channel as well as to protect the communities up and down the river. Protection from the levee system enabled the growth of communities, but did impact the natural deposit of silt onto the coast. With the loss of fresh and brackish water plants, there is nothing to contain the silt and mud formations, allowing the saltwater of the Gulf of Mexico to overtake the non-saltwater plants even further.

In order to combat coastal erosion, communities develop comprehensive plans that are designed to re-develop land lost.

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