amphibious-equipment-for-wetland-and-marshland-environmentDo you have projects in soft terrain environments?

Wetlands and marshlands are one of the most difficult environments to work in for even the most skilled crews. However, with wetland remediation projects and pipeline development, it is one of the most important jobs. One of the first steps to beginning one of the wet jobs, is to actually be able to reach the job site and to have the right equipment to get the job done. Wetlands and marshlands are characterized by soft, wet ground that is a challenge for heavy equipment needed for a job. So what are some of the obstacles for a Amphibious Equipment for Wetland and Marshland Environment?

Don’t waste resources building a temporary road, get the right amphibious equipment for the job.

There are lot of costs and resources associated with constructing temporary roads or mats to reach the job. Avoid these unnecessary costs by using amphibious equipment that is specially designed for wetlands and marshes. At Wilco Manufacturing, we design the appropriate customized undercarriage that can work in the world’s toughest terrains like swamps and marshes. We are one of the only companies in the industry that can offer highly-customized amphibious equipment including undercarriages designed for any job. Wilco offers a complete line of self-propelled, amphibious hydraulic undercarriages. These units can be used to support cranes and other lifting equipment, ditchers for crust management and mosquito control and most any kind of equipment needing a self propelled amphibious undercarriage. We also manufacture amphibious hydraulic undercarriages for a wide range of equipment primarily hydraulic excavators. Payload on these undercarriages ranges from a few tons up to thirty tons. In addition, we also offer rental, leasing and contracting options for a wide range of equipment.

Wilco Services Include:

FABRICATE Amphibious Hydraulic Undercarriages for Hydraulic Excavators
DESIGN & CONSTRUCTION of self-propelled amphibious hydraulic undercarriages
PARTS service replacement & large inventory of new original  parts
RENT & LEASE of a variety of models of equipment

Working Safely in Wet Terrains

One of the most challenging obstacles in working in a wet terrain is not losing the heavy equipment to sinking sediments. Amphibious equipment is designed to overcome this challenge with specially designed undercarriage. In addition, amphibious equipment greatly increases crew safety, because it exhibits very low ground pressure due to wide tanks that will keep it on top of bog material, but also can float fully loaded with material when required.

If you are interesting in learning more about our manufacturing services call Wilco Manufacturing at 337-235-1715 Toll Free: 877-311-0727. If you are interested in our rental, leasing or contracting services, call Wilco Marsh Buggies at 1-800-253-0869.