What is a sinkhole?

Montezuma Well Sinkhole

Sinkholes are a common phenomenon around the world. They result from both man-made and natural causes. In short, underground water slowly erodes the bedrock and minerals beneath the earth’s surface until the outer layer is no longer supported, collapsing into a hole. The most common causes of a sinkhole are changes in groundwater levels or a sudden increase in surface water. 

A natural sinkhole typically occurs when acidic rainwater seeps down through the surface soil and sediment until it reaches a soluble bedrock like salt, limestone or sandstone. This process can take hundreds of years as the water dissolves parts of rock and creates cavities beneath the surface. Over time, the surface top layer can collapse into the cavern below causing a sinkhole. Sinkholes are not uncommon and have occurred throughout the world from Florida (US) and Essex (England) to Chongqing (China), Mexico, and Croatia.

Man-made causes of sinkholes result from activities such as construction, mining, broken water/sewer pipes, heavy traffic, or failure to compact soil properly after excavation. Sinkholes can also occur when the land surface has changed such as flooding. Sinkholes in soft terrain require special amphibious equipment to navigate and repair the area. 

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