Amphibious DredgesA dredge is a technical piece of equipment used to remove sediments or debris from from the bottom of shipping channels, rivers, harbors, and other bodies of water. Basically, dredging is a form of excavation that is performed either underwater or partially underwater.  Dredging is used to improve existing water features. A dredge can also be used to construct dams, dikes, and other controls for streams and shorelines. Another purpose of dredges is recovering mineral deposits.

Types Of Dredges

There are various types of dredges. The main categories are:  mechanical dredges, hydraulic dredges, and other dredges. Mechanical dredges come in a variety of forms including: Grab Dredgers, Bucket Dredgers and Backhoe Dredgers. These type of dredges usually have a bucket, which is driven on the loose bed sediments, then the material gets filled in the bucket and the bucket is raised. Other mechanical dredges use a  grab (clamshell) digging device to excavate the material from the waterbed.

Hydraulic dredgers use a pumping system and pipes to remove the material. Examples of hydraulic dredgers include suction dredgers and water injection dredgers.

Other dredgers are systems that do not fit in the two categories mentioned above. There are airlift dredgers or suction dredgers which used a pipe to suck small objects, sand and mud from the sea bed.

There are also amphibious dredgers. This type of equipment is capable of working in both submerged as well as in raised condition. Amphibious dredgers  have grabs, buckets or a shovel installation to carry out the dredging.

Amphibious Dredge Units

Wilco Marsh Buggies has amphibious excavation and dredging equipment to meet your needs. Amphibious excavators are a type of excavator designed to be used for dredging in shallow water. They are better equipped with their pontoon undercarriages for operation in swamp/wetlands operations that traditional barge-mounted dredgers are ill-equipped to handle. Barge-mounted dredgers are better suited for deeper fresh waterways.

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