What Are Swamp Ghost Lights?

Swamp Gas Lights, Ghost lightsHave you ever wondered what swamp ghost lights are? They are often described in fairy tales as lights that lead character away from safe paths and deeper into a swamp causing them to get lost. Are they real or are they just a figment of the imagination?

How Do They Form?

Swamp lights are called a variety of names including Will-O’-The Wisp or Jack-O-Lanterns. According to scientists they are real. They say the unusual lights glowing in the distance,  hovering over swamps, marshes or bogs at night, are formed by gasses. To be exact, those gasses are a combination of methane and phosphine which can self ignite and are not lit up by magical creatures. The gasses develop from the breakdown of organic material like dead animals and plants in persistently wet areas. The main component is methane a flammable gas. Phosphines are flammable, but also toxic gasses that can burst into spontaneous flames when they come in contact with oxygen.

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