Wilco Marsh Buggies & Wetland RestorationWetlands are  unique ecosystems consisting of land that is regularly flooded by water. There are many different types of wetlands but they can be classified into five general categories. The categories include: riverine, estuarine, marine, lacustrine and palustrine; however, they are more commonly known as marshes, ponds, swamps, deltas, lakes, lagoons and even more common names. The ecosystem is very unique supporting habitats, providing flood control, and even helps tourism. Let’s explore the top 8 benefits of wetlands.

Top Eight Benefits of Wetlands


Wetlands provide shelter for all sorts of different species of animals. Because the wetlands have salt water, fresh water, trees, and land, they provide shelter and food for all sorts of wildlife. Wetland birds include ducks, geese, kingfishers, ibises, and sandpipers. Plus, wetlands provide a pit stop for migratory birds. Mammals like otters, waterbucks and beavers live in wetlands. And of course, there are also a large variety of fish and alligators and snakes.


Another benefit of wetlands is that they are a great nursery especially for birds.

Flood Control

Wetlands are like a huge sponge that help to soak up water from tides and flooding.

Pollution Filter & Climate Controller

Did you know that wetlands help to filter pollution? Wetlands help to clean drinking water. Wetlands trap pollutants like heavy metals in their soil and break them, they also break down suspended solids to neutralize harmful bacteria. Wetlands also capture carbon and bury it away in the water and sediments in wetlands.

Storm Buffer

In Louisiana, the wetlands are essential to help protect the state from hurricanes. The wetlands are essential to protect all of the coastal communities and even New Orleans.

Wind Buffer

The trees and the land help to buffer wind. This helps to reduce the impact of waves and water swells during storms and hurricanes.

Fertile Farmland

Wetlands throughout the world are used as farms because of the rich nutrients that are in the ground. Rice is a world wide food stable that is grown in wetlands.

Recreation & Tourism

People enjoy biking, hiking, boating and so much more in wetlands. Because the wetlands are great habitats, people can enjoy learning more about the animals in them and protect the animals in their own habitat.

Without wetlands, coastal cities can be in danger of disappearing from a hurricane or flooding. Plus, animals may become endangered or disappear forever without the wetland habitats to live in.  Wilco Marsh Buggies is part of many wetland restoration projects such as the Bay Denesse Restoration project. Find out more HERE.

Wilco Marsh Buggies

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