Project Description

Amphibious Personnel Cargo Carrier

Amphibious Personnel / Cargo Carrier

  • One of Wilco’s most popular models
  • Used universally for soft terrain work
  • Bring the workshop to the worksite or carry personnel
  • Carry supplies, heavy machinery and drilling equipment

One of Wilco’s most popular models, the amphibious personnel/equipment carrier is used universally for soft terrain work. This rugged performer can bring the workshop to the worksite, carrying personnel, supplies, and heavy machinery and drilling equipment.

Amphibious Personnel / Cargo Carrier Model WMB50402416PC Specifications

Basic Vehicle Weight: 28,800 lb. (13,064 kg)

Cargo Capacity: 10,000 lb. (4,536 kg)

Gross Weight: 38,800 lb. (17,599 kg)

Gross Pressure: 1.4 PSI (0.976 kg / cm2)

Speed: 3 mph (4.8 km/h) on level ground
3 mph (4.8 km/h) in water

Grade ability: Up to 60%

Available Engines:
Caterpillar Diesel 3056
ATACC 175hp

Drive Train:
Hydraulic Pumps:
Sundstrand variable displacement
Hydraulic Motors: Sundstrand fixed displacement track drive motors
Speed Reducers: Funk planetary speed reducers

Length: 24 Ft. (7.31 m)
Width: 4 Ft. (1.22 m)
Height: 5 Ft. (1.52 m)
3/16 In. (4.76 mm) SA572GR50 steel bottoms
1/8 In. (3.18mm) steel top and sides

Exterior Metal Finish: All exposed metal sandblasted and sprayed with inorganic zinc
Painted with one coat of primer and two coats of enamel

Interior Metal Finish: Coated with Rust Inhibitor “Denso Paste”

Track Roller Chain:
4 In. (101.6 mm) Pitch
Heavy duty
Engineer class
Two strands per Pontoon with one wear pad per cleat
Specifically designed for amphibious vehicles

Track Cleats:
3 In. (76.2 mm)
Heavy duty aluminum alloy

Welded construction
Angle iron frame
Expanded metal deck welded to I-beam and channel base

Optional Deck Sizes: 16 Ft. width x 22 Ft. length (4.88m x 6.70m)

Cabin Options:
Enclosed operator’s cabin
Vinyl coated fabric on tubular steel frame

Hydraulically powered – 12,000 lb (5442 kg) line pull
Snatch block

Assembled Dimensions:
Length: 27 Ft. (8.23 m)
Width: 16Ft. (4.88 m)
Height: 13 Ft. (3.96 m)

Shipping Dimensions:
Pontoons (2)
Length: 27 Ft. (8.3 m)
Width: 5 Ft. (1.52 m)
Height: 5 Ft. (1.52 m)

Center chassis:
Length: 22 Ft. (6.70 m)
Width: 7 Ft. (2.13 m)
Height: 8 Ft. (2.44 m)