Project Description


  • The 330D/336F’s large size gives it greater productivity

  • Only one man needed for operation
  • Improved hydraulic system
  • New heavy-duty track chain custom manufactured for Wilco

The improved hydraulic systems and the new heavy-duty track chain manufactured for Wilco, makes this excavator a reality. The hydraulic system operates under higher pressure, which increases breakout and crowd forces to maximize bucket loads and decrease cycle times.

The “Swamp” Class of Excavators feature hard bars, heavier pads, stronger bottoms and heavier runners than the standard Wilco models. When you have to traverse dense jungle or murky marshes, the “Swamp” Class provides toughness and reliability you can count on.


Cargo Capacity: 45,000 lb. (20,412 kg)

Gross Weight: 105,000 lb. (47,627 kg)

Gross Pressure: 1.8 PSI (.1255 kg/cm 2)

Up to 1.2 mph (1.9 km/h) on level ground
Up to 1.0 mph (1.6 km/h) in water

Grade Ability: Up to 60%

Engine: Powered by the excavator of your choice

Length: 34 Ft. (10.36 m)
Width: 5 Ft (1.52m)
Height: 5 Ft. (1.52m
Five water tight compartments

Exterior Metal: All exposed metal sandblasted and sprayed with inorganic zinc

Finish: Painted with one coat of primer and two coats of enamel

Interior Metal Finish: Interior metal painted with zinc chromate

Track Roller Chain:
5 in. (127 mm) pitch
Heavy duty
Engineer class
Three strands per pontoon
Specifically designed for amphibious vehicles

Track Cleats:
4 1/2 in. (107.95 mm)
Heavy duty aluminum alloy

Two pivoting foot pedals with detachable levers
Each pedal/lever operates its corresponding track

Hydraulic Motors: Two (2) Caterpillar motors

Disassembles into two pontoons and the center excavator mount (3 Pieces)
Fits two standard size shipping containers

Assembled Dimensions:
Length: 37 ft. 4 In. (11.38 m)

(Pontoons Only):
Width: 20 ft. (6.1 m)
Height: 6ft. 3 In. (1.91 m)

Assembled Dimensions
(With AmphibiousExcavator)
Length: 37 ft. 4 In. (11.38 m)
Width: 20 ft. (6.1 m)
Height: 6 ft. 3 In. (1.91 m)