Locating a Marsh:

bird rookeryGoogle Earth is the best tool available to locate marshes for shallow water fishing. Shallow marshes appear as light brown on Google Earth because you can see the mud at the bottom, whereas deeper bays and other bodies of water appear as blue or green making the varying bodies of water easily distinguishable. It also identifies areas of interest, such as shells, drains, and deep ruts. Fishermen can locate a number of locales to visit before leaving home. Download desired locations to investigate. Maps can be saved for future reference, or can be printed for the fishing trip. With your preliminary research complete, you have set yourself up to successfully find where the fish are biting.

What to Look and Listen for in the Marsh:

Marsh Fishing Tips - Wilco Marsh BuggiesBirds are excellent indicators of where the fish are hiding in the water that is most shallow near the marsh grasses. Listen for and watch the direction in which the birds are flying because they slowly follow the pod of fish, such as redfish, trout or flounder. Pods can range from several along the grasses to more than a hundred feeding in the center of the larger body of water. They tend to hover around 10 feet or less above the water, sporadically diving to eat the shrimp and baitfish the larger fish dine on as well. You might spot a solitary bird or several flying together but they’ll flea when you approach the area or cast your line into a pod. Watch the water for heads and tails bobbing in and out of the water’s surface, as well as the bait dispersing. Also watch for crawlers. Crawling occurs when the fish’s entire body can be viewed during the lowest point of the tide. Being in such a precarious place makes the fish rather skittish. In deeper water near the grasses, when fish are after baitfish or shrimp, they make a small wake that follows them. There are numerous other ways to spot the fish but you have to ultimately trust your instincts.

Wilco Marsh Buggies

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