WetlandsSince fall 2016, an unknown scale has been found around the mouth of the Mississippi River and along the Louisiana Gulf Coast, eating the sap of the Roseau Cane (also known as Roseau) and killing it off at a disturbingly rapid rate. Entomologists from the Louisiana State University (LSU) have been called in to examine the problem and determine the source of the scales. These entomologists are working with their counterparts in Europe and Asia to identify the scale. Their continent of origin is unknown, therefore, a determination of how to treat the problem has not been made. “Roseau cane is very, very important to the overall stability of our coastline,” state Agriculture Commissioner Mike Strain said. “This is happening at the mouth of the Mississippi, and that’s part of the economic lifeblood of the American economy. It’s important we deal with this.” (Click here for NOLA.com Article). Roseau’s roots hold marshlands in place. Its disappearance could speed up the already rapid erosion of the coastline. 

Wilco Marsh Buggies and other Wilco Manufacturing Amphibious Equipment including Personnel Carriers are imperative in solving these types of problems. Entomologists, taxonomists, ecologists, and others need to be transported to the heart of the problem, and that is in the marshlands of lower Plaquemines Parish and the Louisiana coastline. Roads do not travel where these problems lie. However, Wilco Marsh Buggies can traverse this terrain, allowing the entomologists to reach the Roseau and study the scales. With foreign vessels traveling through the mouth of the Mississippi River to points upriver, it’s quite difficult to know where these aphid-like pests have arrived from. Never have we previously faced a pest like this that is compounding the problem of coastal erosion. As funding is being requested in Washington DC to rebuild the Louisiana coastline, watchdogs grow even more weary with this latest development.

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