Class Excavator 345 / 5800We, at Wilco Marsh Buggies, provide the most versatile and durable excavators in the industry. We rent a variety of types and sizes of excavators.  Our excavators can be useful for breaking ground, digging trenches, lifting heavy materials, crushing pavement and much more including heavy-duty earthmoving functions that are so crucial to many construction operations. Today, we will take a closer look at our largest excavator, the heavy duty swamp excavator 345 / 5800 .

Class Excavator 345 / 5800

The  345 / 5800 Class Excavator can be operated by one person. It is very efficient, cost-effective and easy to use while big enough to carry over thirty tons of cargo. The Class Excavator 345 / 5800 can travel up to 1.2 mph (1.9 km/h) on level ground and up to 1.0 mph (1.6 km/h) in water. The pontoons have five water tight compartments. The Class Excavator 345/ 5800 has improved hydraulic technology and was designed with a new heavy-duty track chain. The machine is also available with the 60 Ft. (18.28m) boom and 2.00 cu. yd. (1.53m) bucket. There are three track roller chain strands per pontoon which have been specifically designed for amphibious vehicles. When renting/ ordering  the amphibious excavator, it will be shipped disassembled into two pontoons and the center excavator mount. All three pieces will fit into two standard size shipping containers.

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