Wilco -Christmas Trees and WetlandsIt’s Christmas time!  Tree lots are brimming with fresh trees, wreaths, and greenery.  People are flocking over in droves to make their selections. Homes are being dressed for the holidays with bright lights, shimmer, and shine.  Holiday parties are beginning to kick into high gear and the pace will be hectic through New Year’s Day. After the lights and shimmer fade, and the parties are a memory, the decorations are dismantled. What do we do with all of those Christmas trees?

Christmas trees are recycled throughout Southeast Louisiana to create natural barriers as protection against coastal erosion. Only trees that have been completely stripped of ornamentation are accepted for recycling. Flocked trees are not acceptable. At the recycling centers, volunteers bind the trees tightly with twine to create a dense woody mass to slow the speed of the water and capture sedimentation. The bound trees are corralled in a fenced in area across the various marshes. Barges deliver the trees to their destinations. Small crafts are used to transport volunteers to stack the trees in between the fences, submerge the trees, and tie them off with ropes to keep them submerged during high water levels.  4.1 million acres of marsh comprise the southern most border of the State of Louisiana, so it is a daunting task to control coastal erosion.  Wilco Marsh Buggies has the amphibious hydraulic equipment to transport trees and volunteers to the areas requiring attention. Our amphibious undercarriages can take your crew where motor vehicles cannot tread. Small crafts and helicopters are currently used but do not have the capacity a larger vessel with a pontoon undercarriage has to work on the project annually.

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