What Is Freshwater Diversion?

Benefits of Freshwater DiversionFreshwater Diversions pull water and nutrients with no salinity from a river or other water body and deposit them into the nearby wetlands using gates or siphons to regulate the volume of water flow. This introduction of nutrients, sediments and water helps to slow saltwater intrusion and promotes new growth in the marsh which is one of the most important benefits of freshwater diversion.

Benefits of Freshwater Diversion

The main freshwater diversion benefit is the restoration of the natural functions of the wetlands. When the wetlands are functioning properly, the real benefits of the freshwater diversion can be realized. The freshwater helps to slow saltwater intrusion and helps to promote marsh growth. As the marsh grows, fish and wild life populations will increase and improve. In addition, the growing marshes will also provide additional storm protection.

Freshwater Reintroduction into Maurepas

This project is designed to restore the processes and systems in the swamp that have been impacted by the levees.  The swamp has been transitioning from forested freshwater swamp into marsh. Because the swamp was disconnected from the river that enriched the soil and allowed for degeneration of trees, the swamp has suffered. The goals of the project are to restore natural swamp hydrology, increase sediment and nutrient loading to the project area, increase substrate accretion, retain and increase existing areas of swamp vegetation including overstory cover, and reduce salinity levels.

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