Bay Denesse Restoration Project

Dredging, What are amphibious excavators used for?, Bay Denesse Restoration ProjectRight now Wilco Marsh Buggies is working to regain land in our coastal marshes. As you probably know, our wetlands adjacent to the Mississippi river have been deteriorating tremendously over the past century. One of the projects Wilco Marsh Buggies is involved in is the Bay Denesse Restoration project.

Why Are We Loosing Land

Some natural processes that include wave action, salinity intrusion, storm surge, tidal currents, and sediment transport accelerate wetland deterioration. However, natural processes alone are not responsible for the degradation and loss of wetlands in the Mississippi River delta plain. The seasonal flooding that previously provided sediments critical to the healthy growth of wetlands has been virtually eliminated by construction of massive levees that channel the river for nearly 2000 kilometers; sediment carried by the river is now discharged far from the coast, thereby depriving wetlands of vital sediment. In addition, throughout the wetlands, an extensive system of dredged canals and flood-control structures, constructed to facilitate hydrocarbon exploration and production as well as commercial and recreational boat traffic, has enabled salt water from the Gulf of Mexico to intrude brackish and freshwater wetlands. Moreover, forced drainage of the wetlands to accommodate development and agriculture also contribute to wetlands deterioration and loss.

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What We Are Doing

Bay Denesse is a bay located in Plaquemines Parish, just north of Buras-Triumph about an hour and a half northwest of New Orleans. It is adjacent to Quarantine Bay. Our equipment is helping divert sediment-rich Mississippi river water into Denesse and Quarantine Bay in an effort to restore and rebuild marsh habitats. Furthermore, we are helping excavate approximately 140,000 cubic yards to build so-called crevasses. Crevasses basically work like delivery channels. They are usually 65′ wide by 8′ deep. We are also helping to construct terraces. These earthen structures in open water areas can reduce shoreline erosion which will help trap the sediment from the river water. They will also protect aquatic vegetation. The say that marsh vegetation will be planted on the terraces which will provide nesting grounds for a variety of indigenous birds.

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Wilco Marsh Buggies

We are proud work on the Bay Denesse Restoration Project. At Wilco Marsh Buggies, we pride ourselves on producing the highest quality, most reliable amphibious equipment and replacement parts. Our equipment is best suited for coastal restoration!  With our 50 plus years of combined experience as Wilco Marsh Buggies, rest assured when you receive your order, it will exceed your expectations.  Contact us to learn more about our equipment and inventory by calling Toll Free at (877) 311-0727 or by calling us locally at (337) 233-3511.

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