What are some applications for Amphibious Equipment?

Amphibious-Equipment-ApplicationsAmphibious equipment includes all vehicles manufactured for use in marshes, swamps, soft terrains, and wetlands. The pontoon undercarriages, enhanced hydraulic systems, and improved industrial track chains are custom manufactured exclusively by Wilco Manufacturing.  These unique features allow the equipment to traverse soft terrain, as well as gives it buoyancy to float and propel itself through water. Our amphibious equipment can take you beyond where the roads end.

No Job Is Too Small, Too Large, or Too Far Away

During disaster recovery efforts, our amphibious equipment is essential to restoring power, clean up activities, and flood protection/levee restoration operations. We are well equipped for dredging waterways when conventional marine equipment cannot access those areas. As with dredging, our equipment is better suited for environmental remediation because of its capacity to go into shallow waters as well as soft terrain. Wilco’s amphibious equipment can be used in creating right of ways in swampy, marshy areas, whereby giving avenues for cutting timber down in forests and combating forest fires. When constructing highways, our equipment is suited to clearing marshes and swamps of trees, as well as hauling off debris. Our equipment is better suited for levee construction due to the low lying areas requiring a levee system to combat rising waters. Our equipment is perfect for pipelines and fiber optics. In the cases of pipeline construction and laying fiber optics, right of ways have to be constructed, then pipes have to be buried in the swamps and marshes. Fiber optics are buried within a pipeline.  The proper equipment for each of these jobs are available for lease or purchase, and can be customized to suit the specific needs of your business operations.

Hand Built, Specialty Equipment Designed For Your Project

Wilco Marsh Buggies

At Wilco Marsh Buggies, we pride ourselves on producing the highest quality, most reliable amphibious equipment and replacement parts. Our equipment is best suited for coastal restoration!  With our 50 plus years of combined experience as Wilco Marsh Buggies, rest assured when you receive your order, it will exceed your expectations.  Contact us to learn more about our equipment and inventory by calling Toll Free at (877) 311-0727 or by calling us locally at (337) 233-3511.

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