What is a levee?

If you have ever built a sand castle, you have probably built a levee to protect your castle.

Amphibious Equipment for Levee ConstructionA levee is a wall that blocks water from flowing into lower lying areas. Their construction can increase land for habitation, prevent rivers from flooding surrounding cities, and can divert water to fertilize land for planting. Natural levees are constructed from earth whereas water will push sediment to the side and create its own levee. This can be seen along river banks where the banks are elevated in comparison to the river bed. Levees can also be created artificially by building up soil, sand, and rocks on a leveled surface. In a bend or a stronger river flow, levees may be made of blocks of wood, plastic or even metal and can be reinforced with concrete. But, what kind of equipment is used to make levees?

Where are levees found?

If you have ever been to Louisiana, especially the New Orleans area, you have scene a levee. The City of New Orleans is surrounded by levees for protection from the Mississippi. The Netherlands also have a huge flood protection system that consists of dikes, dredging, and levees. Huge construction projects continue in areas like the Netherlands and Louisiana to not only maintain the levees but improve the flood protection.

Amphibious Equipment for Levee Construction

Levees are built with a variety of machines from cranes to excavators. But, what makes these machines special is their ability to function in a soft terrain. If a levee is constructed in a marsh like inLouisiana or Florida, amphibious equipment will be the best machines to complete the job. Amphibious Equipment is designed to work in wet, soft terrains with a unique pontoon construction with corrosion resistance, track chains, track shoes, and hydrostatic drive. Amphibious Equipment machines are very similar to cranes, excavators, Digger Derricks, and personnel carriers that you see on hard land, except that they are designed to withstand and function well in the difficult wet climates.

Wilco Marsh Buggies & Draglines specializes in amphibious equipment for construction projects in soft terrain locations like wetlands and marshlands. We not only manufacture specialized amphibious equipment but we also refurbish tracks and other parts for the equipment. We offer amphibious equipment for sale, lease and contracting around the world. If you would like to learn about our amphibious equipment, call us at 1-800-253-0869.